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It may take time and many life experiences to develop self-confidence and to look inside for validation. You are the analyst, the server and the hermit. You were expecting me to say virgin? Yes, that too. But realize one of the original meanings of virgin is a self-contained and self-directed individual who belongs to no one. You dance the continuum between solitude and the need to serve others with humility.

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You are a paradoxical combination of sexuality, fertility and purity. Prone to being self-critical you are also discerning, observant, detailed, precise, pragmatic and unselfish. You are the lover, artist, peacemaker and arbitrator. You are capable of weighing both sides of an issue and making an impartial judgment.

Sometimes a people-pleaser, you are also graceful, fair, loving, creative, considerate, cooperative and tactful. Valuing peace, fairness and balance, you easily use your charm to create nurturing partnerships and beautiful environments. You are fearless in your pursuit of understanding what makes people tick. You are the detective, surgeon, hypnotist and sorcerer. Your goal is nothing less than transformation and evolution.

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People often describe you as intense, passionate, perceptive, creative, magnetic, heroic and even competitive. You are the student, philosopher, traveler and teacher.

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You are known as optimistic, philosophical, independent, open-minded, athletic and somewhat of a risk-taker. You are motivated by the need to find truth, wisdom and meaning in life. Fences and defenses are not your style. Having the freedom to explore and expand your horizons is your goal. You are the essence of father, authority, manager, builder and executive.

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Discipline is your middle name! You are ambitious, dedicated, motivated, determined, dependable, efficient and systematic.

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You are the visionary genius, revolutionary, humanitarian and the scientist. You are the mystic, dreamer, poet and spiritual guide. Because of extreme sensitivity you can consciously or unconsciously lose yourself in an idea, cause or person.

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  4. You are adaptable, romantic, devoted, idealistic, imaginative and did I say psychic? Astrology, the art of interpreting the placement and movement of the planets is similar to a cosmic weather report. Are there blue skies ahead or should we plan for some turbulence? This spring Mars — which represents desire, action and motivation — is the planet to watch, as it metaphorically slows down and appears to move backwards. How will this influence us globally and personally? Is this a good time to buy a house, fall in love or neuter the cat?

    Brooks is a professional psychic astrologer, tarot reader, and animal communicator. One show, Simpletales, is based on astrology and can be heard every Tuesday at 10 am Pacific — 1 Eastern on 12Radio.

    Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22): The Sun

    Travel down a new road with Gaia, a member-supported conscious media company. Join our community of seekers, dreamers, and doers to empower your own evolution. Everything is waiting for you; which path will you choose? Choose your plan. See plan details. Login Sign Up. Elements: Temperament Fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are associated with the spirit and on a good day naturally spark joy. Maximize Your Potential: Be willing to take the lead; others want to follow you Stretch yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually You are happiest when you are learning something new or pioneering a new path.

    Maximize Your Potential: Think quality over quantity. Have only those things that reflect your values Get your hands dirty; be outside, walk in nature, tend a garden, learn about nature spirits, trees, plants, ecology, green living and recycling Express your creativity in physical activities. Consider specialty food preparation, working with fabrics, paint or clay, arranging flowers, or making music Gemini — May 21 — June 20 Element: Air Modality: Mutable You are the storyteller, journalist, translator and ultimate communicator.

    Maximize Your Potential: Follow your curiosity Avoid scattering your energy or only skimming the surface by limiting the number of ideas you are investigating at any one time Improve your communication, writing or public speaking skills with a class, workshop or on-line learning tool Cancer — June 21 — July 20 Element: Water Modality: Cardinal The essence of mother, healer, feeler and protector, nurturing is your forte.

    The 12 Zodiac Signs: Traits, Meanings, Symbols, Colors, and More!

    Maximize Your Potential: Make yourself a priority by scheduling plenty of time for activities that are personally enriching Think about and practice creating and maintaining appropriate personal boundaries Learn about and develop your intuition and psychic abilities with books, movies, classes and on-line learning Leo — July 21 — August 20 Element: Fire Modality: Fixed You are the ruler, performer and the actor. Maximize Your Potential: Identify what you love to do and do it. Hear the lion roar! When you can be on stage enjoying the process without the need for applause, you have reached your nirvana Be the regal and noble one enjoying your sense of style and leadership Virgo — August 21 — September 20 Element: Earth Modality: Mutable You are the analyst, the server and the hermit.

    Maximize Your Potential: Make it your goal to learn to live with grace and acceptance in an imperfect world Watch critical self-talk and practice psychological and spiritual disciplines that value non-judgment Embrace and tout your mental skills, integrity and dedication to doing things to the best of your ability Libra — September 21 — October 20 Element: Air Modality: Cardinal You are the lover, artist, peacemaker and arbitrator.

    Maximize Your Potential: Put your powers of concentration to good use by studying a topic you want to master Explore your creativity in whatever form it may take Perfect your natural talents as healer, therapist, guide and counselor Sagittarius — November 21 — December 20 Element: Fire Modality: Mutable You are the student, philosopher, traveler and teacher.

    Maximize Your Potential: Outdoor exercise including walking, jogging, hiking and yoga appeal to your need for freedom of movement Make learning a part of your routine. Although you might prefer to learn through travel and personal experience, on-line classes and videos can expand your horizons Investigate one or more healing modalities. The desire to teach and heal is in your astrological DNA! Capricorn — December 21 — January 20 Element: Earth Modality: Cardinal You are the essence of father, authority, manager, builder and executive.

    Maximize Your Potential: Dare to be the leader and the boss. Hone your natural management skills through workshops, classes or on-line training Walk the middle road with money and resources being cautious, sensible and generous. Being either a spendthrift or miser does not become you! Volunteer your expertise teaching, demonstrating or mentoring Aquarius — January 21 — February 20 Element: Air Modality: Fixed You are the visionary genius, revolutionary, humanitarian and the scientist.

    Maximize Your Potential: Create and maintain personal boundaries; this is important personally and professionally You are a natural with essential oils, flower essences, crystals, energetic healing and complementary and alternative healing modalities. Use them for yourself or professionally Include more organization and structure in your life.

    This is the way to turn dreams into reality. Recommended Articles. November 19, June 19, January 7, Welcome to the Earth Pig Year. January 30, Elevate your inbox with weekly articles from Gaia. Provide an ad-free experience, no exceptions! Pay the bills without selling your personal information. The pairings were originally made with Saturn at the outer edge. Chiron has been linked to Virgo, a sign of purification and health.

    Even so, Mercury its classical ruler still looms large for Virgo. Its myths and attributes tell you a lot about yourself. For example, if your Sun is Sagittarius, your Sun's planetary ruler is Jupiter. You radiate expansively and faithfully, just as Jupiter is a guide to lucky breaks. The planetary ruler of your Sun's house position is like the host, which directs that Jupiter-ruled quest toward a life theme or lesson. Planets in their own signs, like Moon in Cancer, are said to be dignified, a placement of strength. Yet a Cancer Moon may sit in the second house, the natural house of Taurus, ruled by Venus.

    This charting tells us that the Cancer Moon will seek to nurture via the senses and knead love into the dough. There's also a strong instinct for creating material and emotional stability. To know your zodiac sign for any planet in your birth chart, you must know its ruling planet. Continue Reading.