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Awakenings to new ways of viewing things also happen frequently during Eclipse times.

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Those most affected by the eclipses this August will be Leos or those with Leo planets in their natal charts. Aquarius would be next most affected, and then Taurus and Scorpio also will be affected. Of course all of us will be feeling these eclipses, but those fixed signs are the most susceptible to the energies.

In the global world, the USA is directly in the path of the Total Solar Eclipse, and thus is most apt to experience events that will affect it. See new workshop in Sedona, AZ. Transforming Consciousness on Sept.


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Leo: There is not much you can do to prepare for this eclipse, except to stay as centered and grounded as possible. Call: Forgiveness requires far more fortitude than fury. All aggression stems, in essence, from a sense of fear and a feeling of helplessness. It takes real courage though, to be kind, tolerant, open minded and understanding.

You were born blessed with the ability to see beyond an apparent act of hostility to the point where you can always recognise a frightened child, hiding behind a fierce adult. Even when faced with deliberate acts of bad behaviour, designed to provoke a bad reaction, you can usually resist the temptation to stoop to the same level.

Thus, you love people who know how to be 'big' - and such people find themselves deeply attracted to you. But small-minded folk have an interest in you too. They sometimes, subconsciously want to see how far they can bend you before you break.

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When you work to accomplish things of great merit you can inadvertently draw the attention of petty pedants, eager to chop your inspired vision down to size. Sometimes, partly because life is strange and even the purest hearts can be perverse in places, you end up giving far too much attention to those critics. It has even, indeed, been known for people with Venus in Leo to partner such personalities in their mistaken belief that they may be able to enlighten their closed minds. Then they can end up pinned so far down that they can no longer fulfill their true creative and romantic potential.

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Now though, the Transit of Venus has taken place. Your inherent bravery can no longer be repressed. Next, I'll say more about why the Lion in your heart is about to roar like never before! Last week, when Venus moved across the face of the Sun, you got an astrological alarm call.